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Living with Purpose Planner Instructions

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Living with Purpose Made Easier with a Digital Daily Planner – Instruction Below

Current Product Download –  Daily pages go from July 1st, 2022 to June 30th, 2023.  This is an interactive Pdf that is fillable in Adobe Acrobat, Interactive on Good Notes.

  • Live with a clear purpose
  • Gain clarity about what decisions you should make,
  • Focus on what matters most
  • Establish and reach your goals
  • All Inclusive Planner that aligns all the major areas of your life

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Front Cover

The Front Cover has enough space to write your personal or business mission.  This makes it easy to review your mission every day before you start planning what your day should look like.  If you have not taken the time to clearly identify your mission You can come back to this step.  If you need help sign up for one of our workshops or online courses.


An affirmation is a positive powerful statement usually a sentence that motivates and challenges you.  These statements have the power to change our thoughts and actions.  They should be expressed as though you already have or act a certain way.  They can be used to keep you acting or get started acting on the statement. Read them to yourself every day or throughout the day as you need a positive boost.

Affirmation Examples:

  • I make excellent choices about money.
  • I am an excellent communicator
  • I am focused and productive

Example of Things I Don’t:

  • I don’t procrastinate.
  • I don’t compare myself to others

Decision Filters

On this page, write down or start to establish what core values you filter your decision through.  Have you drawn lines in the sand that you don’t cross?  What are the questions you ask yourself when deciding yes or no? Review these before you start every day.


I use the profits and services of my company to make my community a better place.


I keep my workout schedule 5 days a week.

I don’t eat sugar.


I attend Sunday dinner every week and enjoy it.


I surround myself with a diverse group of kind people.


I practice gratitude every day.


I save 10% of all my earnings for comfort and surprise expenses.

My Legacy

What do I mean by legacy?  Answer this question what do you want to be known for both personally and professionally?   A teacher may want to be known for inspiring love or education.    As a service provider maybe they want to be known as a trusted advisor.  If someone was to give a speech about you what would you want them to say.  Write it out and design your daily actions to ensure this is what they would say because it’s true.  After you write this read it every day for 7 days.  Then revisit it a couple of times weeks to keep yourself on track.

5, 3, 1 Year Vision Pages

What will life look like as you complete your goals in all the areas of your life?  What do you want to achieve in the next 5 Years?  Write down what that looks like.  Decided what the halfway point will be and write that down on the 3 Year page.  Next, review what you can get done this year to set you up for success on those three and 5-year visions.  Next, we will break this down into the next three months or this Quarter.  Don’t let this overwhelm you.  If you want to focus on this year, great, the point is to start being in control of authoring your own life.

Quartley Vision

You need to act on your goals daily to keep yourself focused and motivated.  Breaking them down into smaller segments will help you create the habits that will lead to the success of the bigger 5,3, and 1-year visions.  What are the things you can achieve in the next 3 months to support your bigger visions explain the summary here.

Working Goals

Keep in mind that you should not be working on too many goals at one time. One to three is a good number. When you complete one or all three then add another to the list.  Use this page as a summary and state what your goal is and why it’s important.  Then click on the words Goal 1, Goal 2, and Goal 3 to create or view the action plans for those goals.


Goal Action Plans

On this page state the Objective of the Goal.  What are you going to accomplish?  Under Completion date state when you expect to complete this goal.  ( Remember that it should be sometime in the next 3 months. )

Next, Remind yourself how this supports your mission or purpose.  Knowing WHY you want a goal is even more essential than knowing what you want to accomplish.

How are you going to make this goal happen?  What is the time you are going to set aside?  What are the actions you are going to take during that time? Write it down here.

Goal Partners, who can go with you on this journey?  These are people who will be actively going in the same direction as you.  A good example might be someone who is working on the goal with you.

Milestones, there are 3 milestones per action plan.  These should be accomplishments you can celebrate along your path to success.  These also have a place to add four major tasks under each milestone.  Use your daily planner pages to focus on even more details.

Success Record Boxes are designed to give yourself dopamine hits.  Check a box every day that you work on your goal.  The idea is to keep things positive so when you work on that goal give yourself a check every time that you work on the goal.  Every if you skip day don’t skip a box just take up where you left off.

Month Tabs

Simply click on any month tab to see an overview of the month.   Each day’s date is clickable and will take you to the detailed daily planning page.

Daily Pages

Start each day by reviewing your Decision Filters before you plan your day.  Use the check box to confirm you did it.

Next Review your goals and their detailed action plans.  You will need to use these to plan your three priority tasks for the day.  Use the check box to confirm you reviewed your goals.

In the boxes provided lay out your plan for achieving three priority tasks for the day.  If you need to use the hour and min boxes to block out the time needed to get these tasks done.

Leave the Target Achieved box and Week score until the end of the day or the task completion.  If you are working on a task like writing for 2 hours every day.  Give yourself a score for how you are doing for the week.  If it was a one-day task and you completed it give yourself a score that tells you it’s complete whatever scale you choose to use is up to you.

You can use the secondary task list for things like picking up the dry cleaning or a reminder to send emails.  These things are important and should not be neglected but should not be used to fill your day.

Next on the right use the box on the right before you start your day to describe what a successful day will look like today.  This will help you stay focused on your priority tasks.

Daily Appointments when making an appointment remind yourself of the person and purpose for the appointment.  Remember your filters will this appointment help move your mission or goals forward or is it just a distraction.  This is part of why your filters include family, friends, and health.

At the day’s end review your successes. No matter how successful or frustrating your day has been take the time to find gratefulness in at least one thing and write down as much as you can.  Thinking about gratefulness throughout your day will put you in a positive mindset.  When you feel more positive you accomplish more.

Next, affirm to yourself what you did to move your mission forward today. This is great for reminding yourself of the day’s success.  If you were stuck in the office working on admin tasks but those task support moving your mission forward remind yourself of how it is connected to your bigger mission.

Year Tabs 2022, 2023, 2024

These tabs will give you yearly overviews.  If want to look at a month represented in the planner simply click on the month.  Our planners are 12-month planners released every quarter.

Notes 1, 2, 3, 4 

You will also have 4 note sections that have 4 pages each.  They are completely blank so you can use them for whatever you like.


This page has a place for Shopping Lists, Reminders, and Important Dates.

GPS Logo

The GPS Logo will take you to the cover page where you can view your mission.  


Know your why, make a plan, believe in yourself, stay positive, and be consistent.  Enjoy your success by using this planner to support you on your way.

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