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Make Daily Decisions with the Big Picture in Mind

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How do you make decisions with the big picture in mind.? The answer is to create decision filters that you review daily. This is why we include a page for them in our daily planner.

Keeping your priorities and goals in clear view so that, regardless of the circumstances, you know what the right choice is for you. Even if emotions run high in a disagreement or the distractions of the day try to take away your focus, You will automatically think of the big picture and make better everyday decisions.

Ask yourself, “What areas of my life where I make important decisions?”

You make decisions in at least 6 important parts of your life so whether you use our planner or use something else here is what we recommend.  

  1. Use this article to discover your core values or decision influencers in each category.
  2. Write them down so you can clearly articulate them to yourself and others.
  3. Review them before you start every day to keep them in the front of your mind.

Question 1, “What is most important?”

In a disagreement with someone You love, do you go with the solution that best maintains a positive, loving relationship, because that is what is most important to me. Whether you are right or wrong about a trivial issue does not matter.

In business negotiations, keep the primary goal in mind, and your discussions open to any solution that works well for both of us. This solidifies a profitable business relationship.

Question 2, “Will this make a difference 5 years from now?”

If a single issue can make a difference 5 years from now, You know that it is a matter of some importance to my life. Otherwise, You keep it in its proper perspective. Either way, You make decisions accordingly, letting your priorities guide you in your decision.

Use this strategy every day, even in seemingly small decisions. Keeping your priorities in mind allows you to choose to live life according to what is really important to you, rather than being controlled by momentary distractions. As a result, You live a fulfilling life!

Affirmation Suggestion if you struggle with this concept:

“I keep the big picture in mind and let my priorities – not distractions – guide me in my decisions.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Do I tend to forget what is most important to me in the emotions of the moment?
  2. Have I clarified my priorities in my life?
  3. How can I get in the habit of keeping the big picture in mind?


Establish clear decision filters for the most important areas of your life.  Change and refine them when you need to.  Review them so they are in the front of your mind and you move closer to your goals and feel in control over your own life.

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