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Do I need a Tagline for my Business?

Jul 4, 2021Guiding Principles, New to Business

Do I need a tagline for my business?  The simple answer is yes, and to the next question, “How important is a tagline?” very important, but only if it clarifies your message and helps your customer make a purchase decision.  It can be a few short words or a short, memorable sentence.

Before you go through this exercise Check out our Article on how to Establish Yourself as a Brand and it will help you answer the questions below:

  • What problem do you solve?
  • What need do you fill?
  • How do you make other people’s lives better?
  • Why are you in business?
  • How do you want your customers to interact with you?

Taglines are meant to further define your brand by helping your customers understand exactly what you do, what you sell, and how your product or service helps them.  Let’s look at an example of a business called Toy Chest.  I will assume that it has something to do with toys, but it could be that you sell toys or toy storage units.  I am not sure; however, a good tagline can help your customers make sure they are looking in the right location for what they need.

Let’s review some taglines for both ideas:

Toy Chest, for Toys

  • Great Toys for Kids – This helps the customer understand you sell toys
  • Toys for Kids of all Ages – All ages clarifies that your customer can shop for all their kids, not just the young ones and maybe even big kids’ toys.
  • Toys and Gifts for Everyone – By adding the word gifts, customers will feel like it’s a good place to shop for a gift.
  • Great Toys for the Beach – This can help your customer if you have special niche items.
multicolored learning toys

Toy Chest, for Toy Storage

  • Classic Toy Boxes – Clear and to the point
  • Toy Box Manufacturer – 
  • Keeping your kids’ toys Organized. – Tells the customer a benefit of items you sell. Solving a problem, they may have.
  • We help your kids to love putting their toys away – This line adds an element of fun to the solution you provide.
  • Easy and Safe to use toy storage systems – Telling the customer what you sell and addressing safety and ease of use concerns they may have.
multicolored learning toys

Next, let’s look at some ideas for a company called Ace Plumbing and see how a tagline could help them stand out from their competition.  Stating what is important to the customer and what do can to help them.  These details are important to them when looking for your service.

white metal pipe on brown brick wall
  • Professional and On Time
  • Clean and Friendly
  • Emergency service

Regardless of something being an industry standard, it is important to tell your customer what standards you have.  Don’t assume that they know what is common in your field.  The important part of a tagline is to make sure that you are telling your potential customer how you can help them or why they should choose you.

Taglines like the ones below only focus on your business and not how they help the customer. 

    • In Business Since 1988
    • Your Local Plumber

You need to help the customer understand what you do.  This mistake is not limited to small companies; some big companies make the mistake of trying to be cute and clever, and if you didn’t know them, you would probably have no idea what they do.

    • Under Armor – I will
    • Adidas – Impossible is Nothing
    • Time Warner – Enjoy Better

These major companies have used inside a language that makes sense to them but again, if you didn’t know them, these taglines don’t help.

    • Victoria’s Secret – A body for Everybody
    • Audi – Truth in Engineering
    • Burger King – Be your Way – Experts say it reflects a new focus on customers’ way of life rather than the chain’s food and service.

Good Taglines, tell your customer what problem you solve and why you should buy from them.

    • L’Oreal – “Because you’re worth it”.  Give you value and permission to spend your cash
    • Starbucks – “Expect More Than Coffee”. Set your expectations higher than the average lack of service.

Conclusion & Additional Help

Your tagline can set you apart from your competition.  Put yourself in the shoes of a customer who has no idea about your industry or business.  Does the combination of your business name and tagline guide them to you for a service or purchase.  Once you have completed this process your tagline should help you to drive conversions and make your brand money.

Make sure you also write a short description of your business using the questions in the first part of this article, that can be used on social media and other marketing materials.

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