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Unleash Your Potential: Finding Your Business Passion

As a business and marketing coach, I’m here to tell you that discovering your business passion is like uncovering buried treasure. Each of us possesses a unique set of skills, passions, and experiences that, when harnessed correctly, can make a significant impact not only on our own lives but also on the lives of others and, potentially, the world at large. It’s my firm belief that every individual is born with a purpose that is entirely their own.

When you stop and think about what your passions are there might be more than what first comes to mind. 

Turn Your Business into a Business”

Everyone has a skill, passion, or knowledge base that could positively impact others and possibly even the world if shared in their own unique way.

Let us guide you by helping you find a topic you are passionate about.  By sharing that passion with others you will enjoy what you do every day while helping others along their way.

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I first want to dispel a few misconceptions you might have about what you can’t make money at.  So, let’s dismiss them right now:

  • Someone else already solves this problem.
  • If it was a good idea someone else would have done it.
  • Someone else teaches on this topic.
  • Someone else already created a blog for this topic.
  • Not enough people are interested in this idea, problem, or skill.

We could keep going but let’s move on to the reality.  Ever have a teacher you liked that someone didn’t like. YES, we all have.  So let me share with you two short stories:

Connection is Unique:

My husband and I owned a hobby store over 20 years ago and while we worked together, we still had our own unique customers.  It didn’t matter which one of us was working behind the counter the product was the same.  We both had a good working knowledge of the product the main difference was how we connected with the customer.  Some customers will buy from anybody and it’s all about the product.  Other Customers want to feel a connection with the person or business they’re buying from that helps them feel confident and understood.

You are not alone:

I went to a conference a few years ago and met a woman who was selling online courses that taught sewing for authentic 19th century dresses but got so busy she decided to focus on just corsets.

The point is that your audience, your tribe, whatever you call them are waiting for you!!  It may take some time to build but don’t give up.

Brainstorming Questions:

Let’s get started brainstorming by asking a few questions and write down every answer to create a big list. Every idea is good because as you start to narrow down the list you may be surprised what sparks another interest or thought.  You also may come back and start something new at another time.

  1. What are your hobbies?
  2. What are your unique skills?
  3. What do you enjoy talking about for hours?
  4. What do people ask you to help with or turn to you for?
  5. What life experience could you help someone attain, overcome, or work through?
person catching light bulb

Once you have completed your list, pause and take a breath.  Everything on that list can be turned into a business.  However, we need to narrow it down to the ones that you are most excited or passionate about. 

Use the following questions to help discover how you might be able to turn those ideas into a Business.

  1. What problem could you solve for others using that Hobby or Skill?
  2. What need could you fill using that Hobby or Skill?
  3. How could you make other people’s lives better using that Hobby or Skill?
  4. Why do you want to be in business providing this Service or Product?
  5. Would working at this Hobby or Skill Full-time provide you with an enthusiastic feeling that will get you up every day.

The above questions answer why you should want to turn your passion into a business.  Never lose sight of these answers and you will be successful.  You can click on the buttons below to see additional information about building your business.

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