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What are the Different Types of Goals?

Personal Development, Leadership

When setting goals people often focus only on one type of goal, and in doing so they unknowingly miss other opportunities. Here are different types of goals to set:

1. Achievement goals – These describe results that you will have when you finish the goal. Examples include: retiring with a million dollars at age 65, earning a promotion by June, increase sales by 5%. Most major goals are achievement goals.

2. Action goals – These describe specific actions that you will take to accomplish achievement goals. Examples include: meeting with an investment counselor, attending a workshop to learn new job skills, contact all of the prospects in the database.

3. Layered goals – These specify the same goal with different levels of priority and difficulty.

4. Rate goals – These specify actions repeatedly done over time. Examples include: Reading two books per month, exercising three times per week, or writing in a journal every day. Many personal growth activities can be performed as rate goals.

5. Limit goals – These set boundaries. Examples include: Spending less than $5,000 on new equipment, going to bed before 10 PM each night, and taking less than 45 minutes for lunch while at work. These help manage priorities.

6. Exclusion goals – These state things that you will not do. Examples include: Do not watch TV after 8 P.M., do not use a cell phone when with other people, do not eat junk foods. These help you decide in advance which activities you will avoid.

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