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Why We Chose Our Logo and Why A Business GPS

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Your Logo, Tagline, and Business Name need to communicate to your customer what you do, how you do it, and how it can help them.  Below we have shared how we chose our logo and tagline.  Use this to help you select and define yours.

Marketing Partnership Program knows that businesses need a clear Guide that Positions them to Succeed. (This is why we created a Business GPS)

Marketing Partnership Program helps business owners create clear relatable messaging.  This is why we use a compass in the logo.  Almost everyone has used a map, compass, or GPS at some time to get where they what to go.  We use these tools when we need to get to our destinations, sometimes even having been on the same route many times.

The purpose of a GPS is to help us find the best routes to our destinations.  They guide us around roadblocks of all kinds: traffic, tolls, and sometimes just debris in the road.

round gold-colored compass

The problem for entrepreneurs is that their business did not come with a built-in GPS.  This can cause them to become paralyzed by all the products, tools, and services on the market today.

 Too many of these products, systems or services were not created or written for the average business owner to understand or utilize, so they are not in a position to succeed after that investment. 

Marketing Partnership Program has a 30-day money-back guarantee for all our services because we are confident that we can guide you to a position helping you succeed with your mission and goals.

Traveling this road since 1996 when I started my first business, encountering many business courses that didn’t help me or anyone else grow their business it was frustrating. 

 Like you, I have been stuck in traffic along the way, so guiding others through these roadblocks and helping them get to the position of success has become my mission. 

filled cup on map

At Marketing Partnership Program we guide you by outlining clear and practical routes you can implement into your business today.

These routes include:

Guiding Principles


Products and Services

Marketing and Sales

Business Management

We are here to help business owners just like you.  Our mission is to help create easy-to-follow roadmaps customized for their business.  Hire us to be your GPS, we will analyze where you are and map out a path to your desired destination.

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We Believe that every business owner who bravely takes on the mission of starting a business deserves a Guide who Positions them to Succeed.

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